Centre’s sanction for homes being financed under PMAY-Urban spans over a crore

NEW DELHI: The Centre on Friday accepted structure of 6.5 lakh houses under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban), taking the entire number of homes being financed under the strategy to more than 1 crore.
12 crore homes, a goal set by the authorities.

In accordance with the ministry, a total of 57 lakh homes are in a variety of phases of construction of that, almost 30 lakh houses are completed.

Ministry secretary Durga Shanker Mishra explained that the PMAY has covered a range of societal groups which includes of approximately 5.8 lakh senior citizens, two lakh construction employees, 1.5 lakh domestic employees, 1.5 lakh artisans, 770 transgenders, 500 leprosy patients amongst others as of today.

Puri stated that the execution of PMAY (U), has triggered a remarkable investment in the housing industry, particularly in the economic housing section.

The homes sanctioned up to now beneath the assignment demand an investment of approximately Rs 5.

According to date, almost Rs 60,000 crore central support has been released.

“Currently, works of approximately Rs 3 lakh crore is continuing and by the time assignment accomplishes its goal of 1. 12 crore homes, the whole action will activate an investment of over Rs 7 lakh center,” the ministry said in a statement afterwards.

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