December GST Set up 9 Percent YoY at Rs .

03 lakh crore

Crossing the Rs one-lakh crore mark for the second time in a row, India’s products and services tax collections for December is currently at Rs 1. It had climbed 6 percent to Rs 1,03,492 crore lakh crore in November, reversing two weeks of decline, together with specialists attributing the growth to merry shopping and much better compliance.

December CGST set arrived at Rs 19,962 crore, whereas SGST stood at Rs 26, 792 crore. Complete cess accumulated in December is 8,331 crore. Throughout the month, the GST revenue from national transactions witnessed a development of 16 percent in comparison with year-ago period.

GST ranges had dropped 2.7percent in September and 5.3percent in October in the corresponding weeks in 2018.

The graph shows trends in earnings during the year:

Collections in November constituted of Rs 19,592 crore of fundamental GST, Rs 27,144 crore of condition GST, Rs 49,028 crore incorporated GST (such as Rs 20,948 crore accumulated on imports) and also cess of Rs ,727 crore. The entire amount of GSTR 3B returns registered for October up to November 30 has been 77. 83 lakh.

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