Double whammy! Industrial production contracts in December, CPI surges into seven. 59percent in Jan

At a worrisome development for its authorities, the industrial manufacturing returned into the zone for the month of December. The mill output contracted 0.3 percent in December after rising at 1.8 percent in November.

Combined with all the retail inflation rising around 7. 59 percent in January, the improvements casts a shadow over the market’s potential recovery in next quarter of FY20.

Capital goods contracted by 18 percent in the month of December compared to 8.6 percent contraction in November.

Industrial production had contracted three months until it altered course in November.

The center industry, nevertheless, had climbed at 1.3 percent in December after contracting for four weeks.

On the inflation front, greater vegetable costs pushed up the CPI index farther up thus shrinking the space for a further reduction in rates by the RBI.
But, it attracted in long term repos for 3 and 1 decades and eased CRR standards to additional increase liquidity from the marketplace for a way to spark growth.

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