India clocks listing foodgrain production in 2018-19

NEW DELHI: The nation registered document food grain production 2018-19 clocking 285. 17 million tonnes, that will be marginally higher than foodgrain output of 285. In accordance with the last quote for 2018-19 published by agriculture ministry, the nation achieved record production of wheat and rice in 116. The production of coarse grains and pulses, however, are marginally down from 2017-18 in 43.

The manufacturing figures at the fifth and last quote was upwardly revised from advance quote. From the fourth progress quote, the foodgrain production was projected 284. Likewise the production of wheat and rice has also been upwardly revised to set fresh records. On the other hand, the manufacturing estimates of stimulation have come from 23. 40 million tonnes in fourth progress quotes to 22. 04 million tonnes at the last estimate.

Agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar explained that the goal of stimulation generation for 2019-20 is 26.

“We’re on track to be self explanatory in creation of this protein-rich product and will further raise the output to satisfy worldwide demand,” he explained.

Based on the last estimates, the production of sugarcane is projected 405. 38 million tonnes — 6.7percent over 2017-18. It’s also approximately 5 lakh tonnes over the fourth progress quote released six months ago. The outcome of oilseeds has also gone up from 31.

Closing Production Estimate of 2018-19:



3. 72

99. 87
3. 73
Coarse Grains
43. 06
46. 97
22. 04
25. 42
-3. 38
Complete Foodgrain
285. 17
285. 01
0. 16
31. 52
31. 46
0. 06
405. 38
25. 48

In million tonnes

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