Potato costs give jitters to buyers, chilly retailer homeowners

Potato buyers and chilly retailer homeowners are stuck in a predicament forward of the once a year tuber stocking duration, as the present costs are 50% upper from a 12 months previous.

Wholesale costs recently are greater than Rs 10-12 according to kilogram in main potato-growing states like Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and West Bengal. In southern states together with Kerala and Karnataka, costs vary between Rs 20 and Rs 30.

Potato arrivals have picked up in January and taken drown costs through Rs 3-6 according to kg. Within the ongoing season, rainfall had impacted the sowing and harvesting procedure, pushing up costs since October. The cost of chilly garage high quality of potato is greater than Rs 12 according to kg in Uttar Pradesh the place the majority acquire for chilly garage is about to start out through subsequent week. Buyers are circumspect of stocking on the present worth ranges.

“It’s totally a buyers’ name whether or not to move for chilly garage of potato at present worth ranges. The costs are not going to drop a lot from present ranges however whether or not they’re going to upward thrust may just no longer be gauged as a big a part of the crop remains to be underground,” Chilly Garage Affiliation of Uttar Pradesh secretary Arvind Agarwal advised ET. Higher high quality potato price maintaining in chilly retailer is priced at Rs 12 -14 a kg within the present marketplace, he mentioned, including that sentiment used to be sure within the potato marketplace and it used to be supporting the associated fee.

As according to Agmark information, potato costs have begun once more toning up within the southern states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala within the final fortnight, when they had come down in first halve of January. Wholesale worth of potato is round Rs 28-30 in Kerala and Rs 20-22 in Karnataka.

“The upper worth of potato is because of the truth that yield according to acre of early-sown potato types is round 25 tonne according to acre in comparison to 35 tonnes in case of hybrid seed. Because of rainfall, the sowing of hybrid seed used to be behind schedule this 12 months and it has affected the arrivals,” mentioned West Bengal Chilly Garage Affiliation’s former president, Patit Paban De.

“Chilly retailer homeowners are nervous of a repeat of 2018 when the shares purchased at Rs 9-11 had been disposed at a loss and up to 30% inventory used to be withdrawn through farmers to curtail emerging value of garage,” he mentioned. Chilly retailer homeowners had incurred a lack of Rs 2 according to kg at the saved inventory, he added.

De mentioned the costs may just come right down to Rs 7-Eight according to kg through March when arrival would pick out up in West Bengal. “We expect costs to come back down through first week of March when bulk of the produce will move to garage,” he mentioned.

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