Veg oil melts 6 percent at 11. 96 lakh tonnes at January 2020

jojoba oil imports dropped 6 percent to 11. 96 lakh tonnes in January because of limitation on inward imports of processed palm oil, an industry body said on Thursday.

petroleum oil imports dropped into 11,57,123 tonnes from 12,10,603 tonnes, whereas imports of non-edible imports dropped to 38,689 tonnes from 64,656 units throughout the period under review, the data revealed.

Through the initial 3 weeks of 2019-20 oil marketing year, the general export of vegetable oils is down 5 percent at 34,51,313 tonnes in contrast to 36,20,316 tonnes in the corresponding period of the last calendar year. Oil season operates from November to October.

“Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce & Industry, issued telling dated 8th January, 2019, putting import of RBD Palmolein and Palm Oil beneath’restricted checklist’ to govern excess import into India. The import will then be subject to permit to be issued by DGFT,” the announcement said.

During first quarter of current oil season, import of processed oil (mostly RBD palmolein) diminished to two,66,859 tonnes in the 4,06,799 tonnes at precisely the exact same period of this past year. Nevertheless, import of crude oil increased slightly 30,94,068 tonnes in contrast to 30,22,951 tonnes during precisely the exact same period of this past year.

“Throughout November’19-January’20, palm oil increase has diminished to 20,04,657 tonnes (60 percent ) from 23,18,763 tonnes (68 percent ) during precisely the exact same period of this past year. But, soft oils (sunflower, soyabean and rapeseed) increase rose to 13,56,270 tonnes (40 percent ) from 11,10,987 tonnes (32 percent ) during precisely the exact same period of last year mostly because of decrease in spread between Palm Oil and Soft Oils, makes soft oils import viable,” the announcement said.

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