Govt raises Digital India Program finance by 23percent to Rs ,958 crore

NEW DELHI: The government has raised the outlay for electronic India programme by 23 percent to Rs ,958 crore for 2020-21 in comparison to actual feasibility in the current financial.

The growth has been mainly due to incentives to be granted for digital production, research and development, development of labor for the section, cyber protection and marketing of IT and IT enabled services.

The finance ministry had spent Rs,750. 76 crore from the preceding budget however the same has been revised down to Rs ,212.

“The Government has been carrying several initiatives on constant foundation for marketing of electronics production in the nation to offer an empowering environment for the business to compete internationally. Electronics production is among the vital pillars of this Digital India Programme along with also the aim to achieve net zero imports is a striking demonstration of objective,” the document stated.

Government has improved provision for advertising of Electronics and IT hardware production through altered special incentive package strategy, electronic equipment fund and electronics production bunch to Rs 980 crore from Rs 690 crore in the current financial.

The study and development programme under the Ministry of Electronics and IT will get 75 percent greater finance in 2020-21 in comparison to Rs 435 crore in the current financial.

The finance is envisaged to be invested on R&D action in Electronics, nano and microelectronics such as semiconductor integrated circuit design design registry, medical electronics and health informatics, invention advertising and start-ups, higher performance computing such as National Supercomputing Mission, open source etc..

The finance allocation for cyber protection jobs and marketing of IT and ITeS industries are increased to Rs 170 crore each from Rs 102 crore and Rs 90 crore respectively.

The government has improved allocation for National Knowledge Network to Rs 400 crore from Rs 274 crore in the current financial.

Government has slashed funds for marketing of digital repayment by over half to Rs 220 crore for 2020-21 in the Rs 480 crore it allocated to the current financial.

The finance for Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan will probably stay unchanged at Rs 400 crore at the upcoming financial year, according to the funding document.

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